Knitted Ornament - Slippers
by Diane Nott,
Copyright September 18, 2005 by Diane Nott. All rights reserved.


A pair of US Size 5 knitting needles, 3.75mm
A small amount of worsted weight yarn was used but you can experiment with others.
No gauge is really needed.

Cast on 12 stitches. Leave a few inches for sewing.
1st row: Knit Across

Row 1: K4,P1,K2,P1,K4
Row 2: Knit Across
Row 3: Repeat Row 1
Row 4: Repeat Row 2
Row 5: Repeat Row 1
Row 6: K2 Together, P1, K1 across ending in P2 tog

Rows 7-11: In ribbing K1, P1 accordingly. Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches.

Break yarn and use a yarn needle to thread off the stitches off the needle and sew up foot like other slippers. Don't cut off yarn. It will be used to hang up the pair of slippers. Glue on a little pompom or little bow if you like. Make the second slipper the same. Tie the foot yarns together so the slippers will hang on tree. Use different colors or variegated yarn. Makes a good package decoration also. I haven't seen any pattern for slipper ornaments so I made one. Feel free to pass it on to others but please keep the copyright information above. Try different needle sizes if you like.