My Knitting Projects for 2005

I actually had the urge to knit. I first made up some critter blankets for rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. They were all donated to Shika's Rattie Rescue.



                                   June 2005                                                                                       September 2005 - Slipper Ornaments


                        Poofy Scarves                                                                                        Mouse  Blankets

I have also made some Christmas Bell Ornaments while doing a craft show in September. I have made more washcloths since this picture. After September. I have made many of those FruFru (poofy) scarves like the Lion Brand Fancy Fur and the Eyelash Ribben like Bernat Boa. They were a real hit around Christmastime. I have also been busy making up little mouse blankets. Gerbils will chew them up but a mouse will simply just sleep on it. My little mouse Frankie loves his blanket.

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Created 01 July 2005
Updated: 17 July 2007