Knitted Baby Rat
by Diane,
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Baby rat pattern

Posted on 05.04.05 by lucia @ 6:24 am

“Is not Rat. Is Siberian Hamster.”

We don’t need to worry this one will scurry around and getting us in trouble with the building inspector. My little Basil is not as as developed the Hamster from Fawlty towers; he doesn’t have legs.  I knit Basil as a prototype. I figured I should do that before I move on to making a full sized one like Rogetein, who I showed yesterday. I like Basil’s general shape, ears, and tail. Plus, since he’s knit with short rows, I don’t need to knit circular on double pointed needles, which I don’t enjoy! (And, I can easily adapt this to machine knitting!)

My plan is: Knit Jim’s cardigan, and chart out the larger version of Basil at the same time. If people like Basil enough, I may write the whole thing as a generator. Then, people can scale this up to a longer rat, a fatter rat, whatever!

As to knitting Basil, I think he’s a fun project for learning short rows. Short rows are easy, but for some reason provoke anxiety with beginning knitters. The advantage of learning on the rat is that you’ll probably use cheap yarn, and you don’t really need to worry about messing up a whole sweater with badly worked short rows.

When teaching yourself short rows, just remember: Yes, you do work as described. Turn the work before you finish the row.

The purpose of wrapping and turning is to avoid little holes. If you have problems with wrapping and turning, remember to look to the side bar on the right side of my blog. I have an illustrated “lesson”– just click, and you’ll see the stitch being slipped, yarn being brought forward etc.

I hope you like this little rat!




New Ear Pattern

I improved on the ear a little making it a little more pointy. (gerbilgal)

Cast on 6 stitches:
Row 1: Knit Across
Row 2: Knit Across
Row 3: K2 tog, k2, K2 tog (4 stitches)
Row 4: Knit across
Row 5: K2 tog twice (2 stitches)
Row 6: Knit across
Row 7: Knit 2 tog. Fasten off

A Mole is Born!

Yesterday, I blogged about National Mole Day (October 23rd). With the help of a pattern I found on Knitting Fiend's blog and some minor changes, I am proud to announce the birth of our newest baby mole. We are calling her "Shake That Mole Thang" since she has come to us in psychedelic colors!! My dd may have something to say about the name, but she is with a friend at Disneyworld for the entire weekend. Here are pics of the new baby:

Front back and saying "Huh?"

Basically, what I changed from Knitting Fiend's pattern was I modified the tail and added felt feet with the appearance of claws. The eyes I made with dashes of black Perle 8 cotton to simulate their inability to see. I suspect there will be a few more moles in the next couple of weeks as you know how they multiply exponentially !!