Knitted Gerbils
by Diane,
© Copyright February 17, 2008 by Diane Nott. All rights reserved.
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I could not believe that I finally found a pattern that I can modify into a gerbil. They don't look too bad.



Update 07/27/2008

I have been using 4.5mm (US 7) needles with Stockinette stitch with a 4" square. The gerbil turns out much better. I have found a better way to make the tail look more fuller like a real gerbil. Cut 3 strands of the color you want the tail. Thread each one through the back of the gerbil. Then divide them into 2 strands each and braid them. Once the tail is as long as you like, tie it off. Cut off any excess but leave enough for the tuft. The tail turns out much nicer.  At the gerbil show in May 2008, they were the hit of the show. I sold many but many of them were used as prizes and raffle items. I plan on having at every gerbil show I attend. I an even entering on at the local fair for handcrafted knitted toys.

Update 09/10/2008

Ear Improvement. Using size 3.5mm (US 4). Cast 4 stitches then immediately cast off in knit. Thread one end through the other end forming the ear. Sew in place. For those that hate crochet.

Update: 03/23/2010:

I got some homespun wool/angora yarn 3ply in a Craftster Swap. I went down a needle size (US 6). The gerbil came out wonderful. Much closer to a real agouti or nutmeg gerbil. Take a look.
Knitted Gerbil

News Articles that mention my knitted Gerbils:

New Hampshire Public Radio May 19, 2008 | Nashua Telegraph May 12, 2008 | The American Gerbil Show: What Our Pets Teach Us

Please send me pictures of your gerbils. I would love to see them. If you live near Nashua NH in May, there will be a gerbil show. I will be there selling my knitted rodent merchandise. See Pictures of my gerbil creations here. I tried to be as close to real colors as possible. I welcome suggestions!  My knitted gerbils will be at the New England Gerbil Show on May 1, 2010 in Nashua, NH. I will also have my gerbil and hamster knitted necklaces that are featured at my Etsy Store.

April 6, 2010: My Knitted Gerbils appeared in a New York Free paper called amNewYork. It was under the Stuff Section. Found on Etsy. Here is the PDF.

I did start selling my knitted gerbils at my Etsy Store.


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