My Knitting Projects for 2008

I am still knitting. I caught the bug again. My knitted rats were a hit at Christmas. I have knitted so much lately that it hard to keep track. I will try.

January 2008: 2 Baby Sweaters. Baby Hat. 1 Wool/Mohair Adult Hat. I am starting to use that special yarn that I bought while on vacation. I also made a couple of EZ slippers.

February 2008: Knitted Toys. More Rats. Mice, Sleepy Time Mouse. My first ever 2 knitted gerbils. Completed my first white guinea pig.

March 2008: More Rats, Gerbils and Guniea Pigs.

April-August 2008: Lots of stuff. Slippers. Baby Booties, Baby Sweaters, Gerbils, Rats, Furry  Rat


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Created 25 January 2008
Updated: 31 March 2008