My Knitting Projects for 2007

I am still knitting.


January 2007: 3 Baby Sweaters and Baby Hats.Sweater and hats very similar to the blue sweater below.
February 2007. Knitted up a blue baby sweater like the one below. Working on wrist warmers now.
March 2007: Knitted up a washcloth during a bowling tournament. Gave it away.
April 2007: Wrist warmers went by the wayside. I am working on washcloths for the fall craft shows. I made a couple of Santa's Boot items for craft shows. They only takle an hour to make each.
May 2007: More washcloths, Santa Boots, Baby Hats, Slippers.
June 2007: Finishing up a pair of Slippers. Knitted Toys.
July 2007: More Knitted Toys. My sistered wanted the grey rat.
November and December was the month of knitted toys. Especially rats.

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Created 04 February 2007
Updated: 09 July 2007