Knit Cell Phone Holder

This was an old pattern that used be listed on I downloaded this pattern back in February 2009.

Knit Cell Phone Holder

Knit Cell Phone Holder

Knit a cell phone holder that's totally hip and looks great with any outfit.

Courtesy of Craft Yarn Council of America

 Crafting Time: 1 hour each
 Skill Level: 
 1 being the easiest
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  • Button, optional
  • Crochet hook, size K, or size to reach gauge, optional
  • Knitting needles, size 10½ (6½ mm), 14-inches length
  • Tapestry needle
  • Yarn, worsted weight, 1 skein

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.

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  • Knit Version 1: Pouch with Strap Cast on 16 stitches, then knit every row for 5-inches or desired length.

  • Bind off all stitches, leaving last stitch on needle.

  • Using cable cast on method, cast on 80 stitches for strap. Cable cast on is method of casting on by knitting. (Diagrams are available at the Craft Yarn Council of America web site: Make a stitch as to knit. While loop is on right needle, slide point of left needle into back of new stitch, then remove right needle. You have made one stitch. Bind off.

  • Fold holder lengthwise. Sew side seam and bottom of holder. Sew open strap to opposite top of holder. Work in ends.

  • Knit Version 2: Holder with Flap & Belt Loop Cast on 9 stitches, then knit every row for approximately 12½-inches or desired length. Bind off.

  • To finish, fold up bottom edge approximately 5-inches. The remaining 2½-inches of knitting will fold down, creating a flap. Sew side seams with yarn needle or join seams with single crochet along sides and bottom.

  • In middle of top edge, crochet a chain 8 stitches long for button loop. Sew button to bottom section.

  • For belt loop, cast on 9 stitches. Bind off and sew loop onto back of holder. Work in ends.

Tip: Cell Phone Holder is knitted holding two strands of yarn together. Using one skein of yarn, pull one end from inside of yarn skein and one from outside.
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