Knitting Tips

Why Buy Yarn

1.  If I like it, I'll buy it.
2. If my friend likes it, I'll buy it.
3. If it's on sale, I'll buy it.
4. If my friend thinks she's going to buy it, I'll buy it first.
5. If there's no room in my knitting closet, I'll buy it and hide it
6. If my husband's home, I'll buy it and leave it in the car.
7. If I'm in a hurry, I'll buy it fast.
8. If I'm in a class, I HAVE to buy it.
9. If I get teased about how much yarn I have, I'll buy more of it.
10. If I'm hungry, I'll buy a lot of it.

Yarn Weights

Somebody posted recently a query about yarn weights. Here is classification of Elann company, displayed in their homepage 
Hope, the fact I post it is not any violation of their copyright.

Lace Weight Yarns (Gauge = Finer than 32 stitches/4")
Baby Weight Yarns (Gauge = 30-32 st/4")
Fingering Weight Yarns (Gauge = 27-29 st/4")
Sport Weight Yarns (Gauge = 24-26 st/4")
DK (Double Knitting) Weight Yarns (Gauge = 21-23 st/4")
Worsted Weight Yarns (Gauge = 19-20 st/4")
Aran Weight Yarns (Gauge = 17-18 st/4")
Chunky Weight Yarns (Gauge = 15-16 st/4")
Bulky Weight Yarns (Gauge = 12-14 st/4")
Polar Weight Yarns (Gauge = 10-11 st/4")

This table seems me also useful - yardage of different yarns for different projects (from the same source)

Gauge Chest Chest Chest Chest
(St/4") 46-48" 42-44" 38-40" 34-36"

30-32 (Baby Weight) 2800m 2600m 2400m 2200m

27-29 (Fingering 2600m 2400m 2200m 1800m

24-26 (Sport Weight) 2400m 2200m 1800m 1600m

21-23 (DK Weight) 2200m 1800m 1600m 1500m

19-20 (Worsted Weight) 1800m 1600m 1500m 1300m

17-18 (Aran Weight) 1600m 1500m 1300m 1200m

15-16 (Chunky Weight) 1500m 1300m 1200m 1100m

12-14 (Bulky Weight) 1300m 1200m 1100m 1000m

10-11 (Polar Weight) 1000m 900m 800m 700m