Knitting Patterns 


5-Hour Baby Sweater

Beanie Baby Sweater Pattern

Bonnet to Match 5-hour Baby Sweater

Booties to Match 5-hour Baby Sweater

Bath Mitten

Fingerless Gloves


5-Hour Sweater w/Hood

5 HBS Adjustments

One Ball Baby Sweater

Eyeglass Case

Knitted Flag Pin

Birthday Mesh Lace

Mittens Pattern #1

Mini-Mitten Pattern #2

Knitted Cable Tie

Kitchen Towel / Holder

Mouse Booties

Slip Over Baby Bib

2 Headband Patterns

Easter Egg Cosy 

Mini Basket 

Thumbless Mittens 

Stuffed Kitty

Knitted Bag


Slipover Baby Bib

Ipod Mini Cosy

Dog Sweater (1970)

Knitted Ripple Afghan

Easy Knit Bootie


Diane Baby Booties/Slippers

Baby Burper    


  Slipper Pattern 1
  Slipper Pattern 5   Slipper Pattern 6   Toddler Sock Slippers   EZSlippers
  Slipper Pattern #7 (my favorite!) Slippers 1960 Squares Slipper Pattern Easy Knit Bootie
Warm Slippers 


Ascot Scarf

Bow-Tie Scarf 

  Self Closing Scarf

Old Style Ascot Scarf

Fast & Easy Scarf  Scarf Pattern 1    

Washcloths/Dishcloth Patterns



Vertical Chevron

Chinese Waves 

 Diamond Edge

 Double Diamond 

  Easy Dishcloth

Octagonal Crest-of-the-Wave

2 Color Dish/Washcloth


  Circular Dishcloth

Domino Dishcloth 

  Raised Triangles

Easy Dishcloth Pattern

Spinning Wheel

Tiny Cables

Garter Stitch Eyelet Facecloth 

Pebble Stitch Cloth

Dishcloth Duo

Hats and Headwarmers

Any Yarn Hat

Rolled Brim Baby Hat 

  Diamonds Hat

Easy Newborn Hat  Favorite Kids Hat  Hat Patterns 1 

Toys and Stuffies



   Guinea Pig

FuzzyMitten's Critters

 Dr. Who Dalek 

HeartString's Bunny 

Little Knitted Mice

 Mouse Pattern 5 

Molly The Mouse   

Mouse Toy Pattern (my fav)

Knitted Toys Blog

Jean Greenhowe Designs 

Hand Puppers

Finger Puppets  

Barnyard Finger Puppets   

Carol Ann's Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

Pattern Links
Knitlist Gifts for 1995-2004
Knitting Pattern Central
Knitting Traditions - Knitting Yarns, Pattern...
Pig Dog Farm - Knitting Patterns, Handmade Soap
World War II Patterns

Personal Home Knitting Pages

Bev's Newborn/Toddler baby patterns
Craftygal's Knitting Place
Dragonville Center
Esther's Knitting Page 
Lorraine and Neville Major's Home Page

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